When choosing a tent there are a few questions to think about 

  • How many people are going to using the tent? 
  • Are you going to be a 'occasional' camper or a more regular camper?
  • Are you wanting a stove in your tent or not? 

Hopefully we can help and guide you to the tent of your dreams! 

Size Matters!  Making sure the tent is big enough for you and your needs. Consider how many people will be using the tent. 2/3 people then a 4m is a great size - family of 4/5 then it's better going for a 5m. 

Why not have a read of our buyers guide - https://belltentboutique.co.uk/pages/guide or watch our size guide video - https://belltentboutique.co.uk/blogs/guide/size-guide-video-find-your-families-perfect-bell-tent-1. These should give you a great idea of which tent is going to suit you the best. 

Which canvas is which? Canvas choice is something to consider when picking a tent. Canvas varies in weight and thickness - have a read of our "Which Canvas Should I Choose?" FAQ - -

If you think you want a stove then we'd say choose one of our Stove Mate Tents - this means the tent already has a stove flap fitted and saves you retrofitting at a later date! If wanting a stove then you need to go for Cotton Canvas rather than a PolyCotton option. 

Don't forget - we are here to help! Still got some questions about the best tent for you? Get in touch - we are happy to help