A Bell Tent is a pretty easy pitch! With a few practice goes people can generally get a 4m or 5m pitched in 15 minutes (or less if you are feeling speedy!) 

All tents comes with instructions, give them a read first! Also YouTube has loads and loads of 'how to pitch' videos which you can watch whilst waiting for the Bell Tent Delivery - this will give you an idea of what to do ready for that first pitch 

Give yourself time on the first pitch, you'll need to attach the guy ropes and get used to your new tent - but once the ropes are on that job is done, so speeds up the process next time

With the smaller scale tents (3/4/5m) you should be fine pitching alone but with the larger tents (6/7m) we advise grabbing a few friends. 

And remember - we are here to help - so if you ever need advise just give us a shout!