It’s important to be sure you follow the correct procedure.

Let me try to put your mind to rest regarding safely using your stove in a canvas tent.

Stoves are becoming more popular in tents due to the rise in canvas tent popularity it is much more fire retardant than regular polyester tents. Tent stoves are safer to use because the chimney is removing the gases (carbon monoxide) safely from the tent.

They do however need caution exercising, carbon monoxide alarms are a must and we always recommend letting the stove peter down before we go to bed.

With the flashing kit it is a case of removing and re fitting each time, so its bolts don't damage the canvas. Some people will fit eyelets for the bolt holes but its not essential. When we send the flap kit is set up for the small regular flashing kit that will fit your stove, but it does not have the eyelets fitted as standard.

When the stove is fitted on the mat it’s best to have around 20 - 25 cm of the white silicone protector at the front for spitting. Using dried wood helps keep this down also.