Is the stove safe to use around small children? 

So long as you’re sensible, it’s fine to use the stove with small children or pets around. Never leave them unattended near the stove, and let them know that the stove is very hot and that they shouldn’t touch it. The heat mat can help to mark out an area that they should stay out of. If you’re still worried, put up a folding fireguard around the stove.

Can I leave the stove unattended?

We don’t recommend that you leave the stove lit unattended for long periods of time, or that you leave it burning overnight. If you do decide to leave the stove on tick-over (air supply shut down low fora long slow burn) we recommend using a carbon monoxide detector.

What safety precautions should I take?

We recommend keeping a carbon monoxide alarm near the stove for peace of mind when you’re using the stove inside a tent or shed. It’s also a good idea to keep a working fire extinguisher to hand; you can buy small, portable versions that are perfect for camping

What should I do when I’m not using the stove in my tent?
You can plug the hole in the flashing with the spark arrestor, or a tennis ball for the 60mm stove pipe! It’s a perfect fit and is nice and light. Some people have a pre fitted canvas flap over the flashing kit, so they can just Velcro it down over the hole in the tent when not using the stove.